Foreign guests in Romania


By now, everybody knows that Romanians are a hospitable nation, right? We like to welcome our guests with our finest and to show them our most beautiful places and traditions.

Inspired by our working experience with European clients in Romania, we created a complex assistance package for the EU citizens visiting our country. Very useful in case of car breakdown, as well as with lost luggage, documents or other belongings, the inTRANZIT package helps you (or your guests) fully enjoy your stay in Romania.

  • Technical and medical advice, 24/7;
  • Vehicle towing to the nearest service centre;
  • Minor breakdown repair on the spot;
  • Booking of plane, train or bus tickets;
  • Assistance with reclaiming lost luggage and return to owners;
  • Assistance in the event of an accident and support with necessary formalities;
  • Retrieving vehicles stolen on Romanian territory, with support of local authorities;
  • Legal advice;
  • Authorised translations or interpreter’s services upon request;
  • Assistance with re-issuing lost documents.

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