Integrated assistance services for your vehicle


Do you only use your car to go to work and for your daily errands? Do you like to spend your holidays driving across the country or abroad? Do you frequently have to drive your car hundreds of kilometres for business purposes?

Whatever your situation may be, it is always good to be prepared for the incidents that may come your way. You can choose between 3 types of roadside assistance packages that were built around your vehicle usage needs.

Information and advice
24h/24 information about road condition, weather forecast, repair shops, vehicle maintenance.
Repair on the spot
Repair of minor breakdowns on the spot, without a mileage limit.
Flatbed towing to the nearest repair centre.

Up to a range of 100 km

Up to a range of 200 km

Up to a range of 300 km
Secure parking area, up to 4 days.
Passenger transfer
Transportation of passengers to the repair centre.
3* hotel, includes breakfast.

up to 2 nights

up to 3 nights
Travel continuation or home return*
1st class train ticket or Economy air fare (if travelling by train exceeds 8 hours).

up to 100 EUR/person

up to 500 EUR/event
Car rental (rent-a-car service)*
Rental of a Compact-range vehicle.

up to 2 days

up to 3 days
Damaged vehicle repatriation
Vehicle transportation to the client's hometown within 500 EUR/event.
EU extended coverage
All services provided within the European Union boundaries.

a maximum of 2 events/year
Accommodation, travel continuation and rental car services cannot be cumulated.

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