Vehicle fleets

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Your company owns a fleet that operates daily interventions or order delivery to customers throughout the country? Then we know that, apart from logistic aspects you must consider, it is important for you to make sure that everything runs smoothly, so that there are no delays or discomfort.

We combine our fleet management expertise with high-standard roadside assistance services and a provider network that covers all of Romania so that your company’s daily activities run according to schedule. Whatever type of vehicles your fleet consists of, we are ready to step in promptly and remedy any sort of incident. Thus, your team’s mobility is not affected, and your fleet is always in the best of hands.

  • Vehicle fleet management;
  • Minor breakdown repair on the spot;
  • Vehicle towing;
  • Vehicle rescue services;
  • Concierge services;
  • Car rental during repair work;
  • Damaged vehicle assessment;
  • Vehicle repatriation anywhere in Europe.

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