Insurers and Brokers

Easier on your clients, more efficient for you


The insurance business is one of the most competitive, and you need to be market-savvy and in touch with your clients at any given time.

Insurance claims often require quick reaction and complex formalities. If you need additional resources to manage them or time to focus on developing your business, our service package for insurers and brokers takes over the responsibility of handling the incidents and claims of your clients.

We guarantee you the highest quality standards, for both medical and vehicle-related insurance claims.

  • Vehicle claim management;
  • Multi-vehicle transport to any European destination;
  • Vehicle rescue services;
  • Car rental during repair work;
  • Damaged vehicle assessment;
  • Vehicle repatriation anywhere in Europe;
  • Heavy-duty vehicle assistance (trucks and buses);
  • Medical claim management;
  • Specialty investigations anywhere in the world;
  • Ambulance transfer anywhere in the world;
  • Exhaustive medical reports;
  • Patient repatriation via commercial carriers;
  • Air ambulance medevac anywhere in the world.

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