Privacy policy

Protection of your personal information is important to us, especially when related to data management and processing activities. Therefore, Nova RIA24 Servicii SRL abides by the following rules:

Data usage agreement
By submitting your personal data into our system, you grant us the right to store and use it in the assistance process, in the occurrence of an event that is covered by the assistance product you have purchased. We will only request, store and use data that we consider necessary for our interventions.

Disclosing data to third parties
We do not disclose your personal data to third parties, except in the cases mentioned below, which refer to “data protection in case of an assistance-ensuing incident”.

Data sourcing and storage
The following data will be collected and stored:
– personal information (client’s name, home address, telephone number and e-mail address)
– vehicle information (license plate number, vehicle identification number)

Cookie usage
Nova RIA24 Servicii SRL uses session and persistent cookies, exclusively in order to get statistical data about the users of this website. This information allows our system to recognise a returning user, who will not be recorded as a new visitor. We will not be using cookies otherwise.

Secure data processing
We are concerned with protecting data against loss, abusive usage or unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration and deletion. In this sense, we use the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) system to process and convey data.

Data integrity
Your personal information is exclusively processed according to the purpose and procedures of its collection. Therefore, we will make sure that the data we collect are accurate, thorough and up-to-date, in order to be able to carry out the interventions included in the assistance package you have purchased.

Data protection in case of an assistance-ensuing incident

In the occurrence of an incident that requires assistance procedures, personal data is stored and communicated to the service provider, insofar it is necessary for fulfillment of contractual obligations. Information may also be requested from or by third parties in order to ensure a proper course of intervention. Agreement to these measures remains valid after intervention completion, respectively after contract expiry. Nova RIA24 Servicii SRL will communicate, upon request, the addresses of the recipients of the above-mentioned information.

Applying and abiding by the data protection requirements
Nova RIA24 Servicii SRL binds itself to follow the data protection regulations mentioned above.

For any questions or recommendations regarding data protection on our website, please e-mail us in the Contact section.

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