Roadside assistance

The best roadside assistance service network in Romania and the Republic of Moldova


In time, we amassed our own assistance vehicle fleet which covers Bucharest and its surroundings, as well as Romania’s largest cities.

To be able to cover the whole Romanian territory plus the Republic of Moldova with such a complex roadside assistance portfolio, we lean on more than 400 nation-wide service providers, that fall under several categories:

  • Roadside assistance providers for passenger cars and motorbikes;
  • Roadside assistance providers for heavy-duty vehicles (buses, trucks, etc.);
  • Car rental companies;
  • Tour operators.

Some of them have stood by us since the very beginning, which enabled us to grow together and to learn from each other.
Our collaborations are always based on mutual trust and on a very high quality standard, so that you can get the best assistance services in the Romanian market.

See our roadside assistance provider network here.

Find out more about our roadside assistance services here.

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