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minutes - intervention time, anywhere in Romania
assistance vehicles in Romania and Moldova
coverage in Romania and Moldova
tons - maximum carried weight


Your day is better when things run smoothly. Whatever the issue with your vehicle, our specialists are ready to solve it, so that you can go back to what you were doing as soon as possible.

More often than not, the answer to your problem is a missing piece of information. You can call us for basic advice – it will help you continue your journey or ask for expert assistance.
Alarm centre for any events related to your car or motorbike. Because we understand how important it is to reach your destination safely, we will send you an expert to help you fix the issue on the spot or tow your vehicle to a service centre. Anywhere in in Romania and the Republic of Moldova, in the shortest of time.
Alarm centre for any events related to your bus, truck or any type of heavy-duty vehicle. We know it is crucial that the passengers or goods you carry safely reach their destination in due time, which is why we will dispatch an expert to help you fix the issue on the spot or tow your vehicle to a service centre in the shortest of time.
A lot of the issues you may be having with your vehicle can be solved on the spot, thus avoiding the need for a service check-up. You call us, we identify the cause of your problem, and then we dispatch a specialist who will fix it on the spot, so that you can be on your way.
Should your car need service work and your trip cannot be delayed, we help you continue your travel with the most suitable means of transportation, so that you reach your destination in time.
If the repair work on your car is taking more than you expected, we provide you with a rental car so that you can continue your activity as you normally would.
Wherever your car issues may surprise you, we will make sure that you and your passengers have the best accommodation until you can continue your journey.
If you cannot drive your car back home, we take over the transport and all the procedures related to it.
Your car is not damaged, but it needs service work, and you don’t seem to find the necessary time for that. We can assist with a dedicated driver who will take your vehicle to the service for check-ups, reports, seasonal tyre replacement and minor repairs.
Many tyre-related issues can easily be fixed on the spot. You contact us about it, and a specialist will be with you shortly to help you with the replacement.
If your car cannot be momentarily admitted to the service, we provide secure parking areas, where safety of your vehicle is guaranteed 24h/24.
Whatever car issue you may be experiencing, we will dispatch an expert to evaluate the damage and advise you on the measures you have to take.
If your car has suffered major damage following an incident, we will assist you with all annulment-related procedures.
If your car was stolen, we take over all the necessary arrangements for its recovery and transport back to you.

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