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Everything is easy when you’re full of energy. Anytime you have a medical concern, we  see to it that you are in the best of hands and get the treatment you need. We have the support of the largest, best-quality network of medical facilities in Romania.

If you have a health concern and you’re not sure where to go for investigations, just call us and we will provide you with all the information you need, wherever you are.
If you need specialty investigations, but are not sure where you should get them, we refer you to the most suitable medical facilities and make doctor’s appointments for you, as soon as possible.
If you can’t go see a doctor, we’ll bring the doctor over – to your house or hotel, if you are facing medical issues while you travel.
If you feel you are not 100% informed about your diagnosis or prescribed treatment, we will make you an appointment with a different doctor, so that you can further investigate your condition.
If you have to submit your medical documentation in a world language, you can count on our help. The agreements with our medical partners in Romania allow us to obtain medical reports in full confidence.
Hospital admission anywhere in Romania or the Republic of Moldova, should your condition require it.
If transfer to another medical facility is required, in Romania or abroad, we will organise it for you, with the best-suited means of transportation and medical escort.
When organising medical transfer via commercial flights, we also complete all necessary medical formalities and obtain approvals from the operating airlines.
When an immobilised patient is fit to fly a commercial airline, we will organise transfer on a stretcher and all adjacent services.
For any medical transfer, be it with a general or special means of transportation, we will put together a team of accompanying medical personnel to monitor the patient during the travel.
For medical teams escorting patients on domestic and international transfers, we organise transit and takeover formalities with the relevant authorities.
When a patient is not able to take charge of medical fees, we step in and guarantee payment to the medical facility where the patient was treated.
In the event of death, we will complete all funeral formalities, including funeral repatriation.

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