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Planning and managing the activity of your company are major responsibilities. Among the things you need to consider, you have to count the unforeseeable. This is more than a “miscellaneous” line in your budget – it’s real-life incidents that can result in resource losses, affecting your daily workflow. We have been working for 25 years with companies across several lines of business, making sure unforeseeable incidents do not interfere with their employees’ activities.

Our alarm centre is the nodal point of our service portfolio; it is where we start delivering service to you and your employees or your customers. Our team receives all notifications regarding your issues and handles every emergency with top priority, so that you get a solution to your problem as soon as possible.
With this service, we take over the responsibility of maintaining your company’s vehicle fleet. More precisely, we take care of maintenance work, check-ups and records, various licences, insurance policy renewals and preparation of insurance claim files in case of accidents.
You let us know of any incident involving your company’s cars and we decide, together with an expert, whether your breakdown can be fixed on the spot. Our expert will arrive shortly at the location of your vehicle and will carry out the necessary repair work so that you can continue your activity.
If your company’s vehicle cannot be repaired on the spot, we will dispatch an expert to tow your vehicle to a service centre as soon as possible, anywhere in Romania and the Republic of Moldova.
Should a traffic incident make it impossible for you to keep using your company’s vehicle,  we will help you continue your activity by providing you with a rental car. Your company car goes to the service, and you go on with your job as usual.
If the repair work on your company’s car is taking longer than you expected, we provide you with a rental car, so that you can continue your activity as usual.
If the car you are using for business travel is damaged on the road – during a business trip in the country, for instance – and needs repair work, we step in and help you continue your journey in the best way possible. We provide you train, bus or plane tickets, so that you reach your destination in due time, and we also book proper accommodation for you when necessary.
Your company’s vehicle is not damaged, but it needs service check-ups, seasonal tyre replacement or minor repairs. If you or your employees are too busy to handle this type of activities, we can assist by providing you a driver who will take over for you.
When you are not able to drive your company’s car back to your office, we will organise the transport and handle all repatriation-related formalities.

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